Honda CBF600 for Canada in 2010


This is the Euro-spec model. Canadian model likely to have sticky out flashers …

Honda has announced it will be bringing the CBF600 into Canada for 2010.

This half-faired middleweight is powered by a fuel-injected, 599 cc inline four that is based on the CBR600RR mill, but is tuned for "the most comfortable balance of performance and acceleration" or, probably for more bottom-end torque to better cope with everyday riding. The Euro-spec CBF600 claims 77 horsepower and a peak of 43 lb-ft of torque at 8,250 rpm.

A die-cast aluminum frame surrounds the engine and features a 41 mm telescopic fork adjustable for preload up front, and a single rear preload-adjustable shock. Wheels are 17-inch with a not-too-wide 160-series tire in the rear.
Wet weight is a modest 222 kg (489 lb) and stopping comes via combined ABS.

Convenience features include a three-way, height-adjustable seat (770-800 mm), a two-way adjustable windscreen and a 20-litre fuel tank.

This new bike partially bridges the gap in Honda’s lineup between the CBR125R and the CBR600RR for riders looking for a standard style middleweight. 

Pearl black will be the only colour choice, and pricing has not yet been released though we should have it after Honda do their mini Canadian launch at the end of October. Brrrrrrr.


  1. I have been riding a Yami Vino 50 for years and I wanted to upgrade my ride. I bought the Honda CBF 600 and lordy! .. does this bike rock compared to the Vino. The engine is sweet sounding and acceleration a bit better than the Vino. Too bad the fuel economy of the 600 is not as good and I do miss the storage. Will need to get some side boxes for sure. I wish the 600 came in automatic; but the paddle shift is exceptable I suppose. I strongly recommend the CBF 600, especially if moving from a scooter.

  2. typical North america.. 2yrs behind the rest of the world.. this bike came out on 2008 in Europe… bah!! GO GSX650F for the WIN!!!

  3. I have recently purchased the unfaired verion (in the UK) and boy she is a nice bike! Fantastic handling, balance and plenty of grunt.

  4. Being a fan of UJMs, I waited and waited for the CBF to come… It took way too long, and at almost $14K for the 1000, my $8600 Bandit 1250 with ABS is WAY more and less in all the right areas.

    I think the 600 is just too little (or to much $$$), too late.

  5. It looks like a good all purpose bike and will compete with the Yamaha FZ6 for buyers. It also reminds me of the old “naked” Bandit 600 that Suzuki decided to wrap in plastic and now sell as the GSX-F. The right MSRP will be crucial to the CBF600’s success. I’m interested!

  6. This would be exactly the bike I want, but if they ask more the 8500 CAD, which they will, I will go buy something else. Too bad, as I have a 82 CB450T standard that I love but is no good 2-up Distance. I am ready to upgrade. But Honda’s have gotten too expensive for what they are. If it comes in at 10+ grand, I will buy a CBF1000 so I don’t have to move up again.

  7. Partial gap filler replacement???? Not even close … especially considering 10K they will be asking for it (based on reports of people who went to Sep 19th launch ..).

    250-400cc bike for 5-8K would be the right gap filler … Try again Honda.

  8. Sounds like they gutted the motor. I’m not sure what the point of retuning a 600 for torque is, really – there’s just not that much available. I think it’d be a lot more fun with an unmolested CBR600RR engine, even if it needed a lot more revs.

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