150 is plenty fast enough


One day, reason will prevail Photo: www.ridelust.com

A law that would impose speed limiters on new vehicles appears to have stalled in the driveway.

Bill C-568, a Private Members Bill by Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis (Scarborough-Agincourt), would require manufacturers to install speed limiters in new vehicles that would prevent them from going faster than 150 km/h.

Mechanics would be prohibited from releasing a vehicle they had worked on unless there was a functioning speed limiter in place and operating a vehicle without an engaged speed limiter would be a crime.

Karygiannis says Canadian roads "are not part of the Grand Prix or Indy 500 circuit," though he leaves the possibility open for Moto GP and Superbike racing. There is, he says, "no reason for your vehicle to be able to travel at 200 plus kilometres." He doesn’t give a time factor but one might assume he meant 200 kilometres per hour. He does not state why 155 km/h is not safe but 150 km/h is.

But it doesn’t seem to matter how fast Mr. Karygiannis thinks vehicles should be allowed to go, since his bill was included in the 39th Parliament and went nowhere, and does not appear to have made the starting grid for the 40th Parliament.

CMG’s legal analyst Matthew McGarvey says it may have "died on the vine."


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t they already done this with highway tractors? I expect it will get passed in some form during our life time. I won’t miss the very top end, just don’t take away my acceleration!

  2. Just make sure that if you speed or drive drunk and kill someone, you have a skill vital for the continued well-being of humanity, like being able to score 50 goals in a season or chuck a pigskin. That should get you off.

  3. Well there’s always a bright spot. A measly little $300M election would wipe the slate clean, and the bill would have to be re-resubmitted.

  4. One level of government says things like “take it to the track” and “we will crush your cars”, while another discusses how to make it relatively pointless to take those vehicles to the track.

  5. I apologize to all out there for what I’m about to say.
    I find myself agreeing with the idea that speeds over 200km/hr might be somewhat unnecessary for a road vehicle.
    I am actually astonished that a manufacturer is allowed to sell a bike that can go 280km/hr, especially to a novice.
    But no matter what experience you have, the speeds our modern bikes go leave little room for the unforeseen.
    Hurtling along at over 250km/hr (which I have done many times)is a threatening environment for the rider, but also for anyone unlucky enough to get in the way.
    We can slow down and have more fun. :zzz :cry 😉

  6. Unfortunately this is not the case. What was Bill C-568 in the 39th Parliament is now Bill C-319 under the 40th Parliament and received first reading back in February, after being resubmitted in late January.

    Just one reason to pray for an election.

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