Wrong bike for Albertan


Stone Pro Street

Trying to import an illegal chopper into Canada cost a Grande Prairie, Alberta, man $5,000 last week.

The man attempted to cross the border from Montana into Alberta at Del Bonita last fall with a 2007 Stone 300 Pro Street model, which may not be legally imported into Canada.

The 40-year-old man told Customs officers that the bike belonged to a friend, but a search of the motorcycle produced documents, including a bill of sale, that stated otherwise.

The man had tried to bring the bike into Canada in 2007 but was turned away at the border. This time, the officers seized the bike and held it for return to the U.S. On Oct. 1, 2008, the Grande Prairie man was charged with making a false statement under the Customs Act. He was convicted and fined $5,000 last week.

The Register of Imported Vehicles maintains a website at www.riv.ca that lists vehicles that can be legally brought into Canada.


  1. yep brain dead to think if your turn away once your going to get it in. Gee I know, rent a storeage locker, take the thing apart and ship it peace by peace. at least you ll get most of it here. You could then at least claim you built it and see if you can reg it that way

  2. So, let me get the straight.

    He tried once already to import the bike and failed. Then a year later he tries the old “It’s not mine, it’s a friend’s…” routine.

    Obviously needs something to ride to and from his Mensa meetings…

  3. So what makes this un-weildy piece of crap (sorry rolling artwork) less safe than the other ones that are legal to import?

    He should have checked the list before buying, I’m sure one of the legal “builders”/ magnet-through-the-parts-bin-draggers could have sold him something nearly identical.

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