Speed of electricity


Mission Motors says its electric motorcycle has taken an AMA top speed record with an average two-way speed of 150.059 mph (241.5 km/h).

The Mission One electric motorcycle made the runs at Bonneville Speedway on September 1. The zero-emissions bike hit 161 mph (259 km/h) in preparing for the record runs.

The top speed runs were made during the annual BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, and the electric motorcycle’s speed was better than 70 per cent of the gas-powered entrants.
Mission One test rider Jeremy Cleland said the electric bike "pulls hard all the way from zero on up to 161 mph."

The Mission One bike competed in the TTXGP at the Isle of Man earlier this year and finished a respectable fourth in its class.

The company plans to sell 300 Mission One motorcycles in the 2010 model year.


  1. Not sure why they keep saying it “broke the speed record”. The KillaCycle has been clocked at over 170 mph (for a long time). I have been a huge fan of the Mission, but it’s lackluster performance at the TTXGP really turned me off. You can make anything go fast in a straight line…Until they prove that it can finish the TTXGP at a competitive race pace, I’ll be skeptical.

  2. I object to the term “zero emissions” bike. Unless this thing is solar powered, something got emitted somewhere in order to provide the power for the batteries.

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