Hey, we're not bugs here!

They’re getting really bugged about motorcycle safety in Norway.

The Norwegian Motorcycle Union has produced a television ad that gets the point across in a typically subtle Euro-style manner. No if’s and’s or bug’s here — just good fun in a commercial that says it all.



  1. Why is there no public awareness campain for motorcyclists at all here in Ontario, except for the occasional bulletin board over the 401? It’s a bit late in season to be effective now, but there should be a more visible PA for rider awareness around March-April and through-out the summer to hit home for drivers who are too focused on blackberry or cell phone use instead of focusing on the road and of course, us.

  2. Now THAT is effective. Couple an ad campaign like that with the “Check For Motorcycles” messages on the electronic sign boards of HWY 401 and maybe it just might begin to penetrate through the thick bozone layer of the average cager.

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