Happy Labour Day, labourers and non-labourers!

It’s that day again, when workers all across Canada take a moment to relax and enjoy the fact that they’ve got a job. At CMG, we’re also lounging in the sun, but we’ve got a sort-of-happy story for you to help brighten up your day, whether you’re employed or not.

Thanks for the Memories

sm_veterans-ride.jpg He got his stories back, thanks to a good samaritan thief who knows that charity begins on the street.

The London, Ontario, man whose recordings of veterans were stolen along with a laptop, a camera, and other things in Regina has been given back the memory cards with the veterans’ interviews, according to the London Free Press.

Randy Young, who is president of a group called Friends of Veterans Canada, had been travelling across the country in a van, towing a military motorcycle as a sort of insigne, and recording interviews with Canadian veterans, getting their important memories on record for a planned online archive.

But in Regina he left a van window partially open while he visited a Royal Canadian Legion branch, and his gear went missing. He said he didn’t care about the hardware, but the two memory cards, holding 26 hours of interviews, were priceless to him — and useless to a thief. Through press stories, he asked for them back.

Young didn’t hold out much hope of getting his interviews back, but on Thursday, he walked out of the same Legion branch and found a plastic bag tied to his van’s antenna. Inside it were the two memory cards.

Young, who is visiting Harley-Davidson dealerships on his travels across the country, speculated that the thief looked at the videos and realized they were important.


  1. I met Mr. Randy Young, and the future library’s namesake back in June…

    Super nice guy, I’m kinda proud of what he’s doing and the minor contributions I’ve made…

    Glad to hear that the things are working out…

  2. Well, my faith in humanity is partially restored. But the important thing is that the video records have been recovered.

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