Ride for world hunger relief


Photo: www.motorcyclememoir.com

A 27-year-old Iranian-American has set off on a motorcycle as old as him to ride around the world to combat hunger — and where did he stop first?

Whitefish, Montana, of course!

Considering that his starting point was just down the road in Helena, Montana, and considering that whitefish are, in fact, delicious, his first stop actually made sense. But he’s moved on from there — he’s in the Yukon now, in fact — and by the time Chris Sorbi and his ’82 Suzuki GS850 have completed their journey, he and his bike will have stopped in every country in the world, barring some journey-ending catastrophe.

Sorbi’s "Transcontinental Humanitarian Expedition" will raise money while cruising North America, then spend it in places like North Korea and Africa, where it’s most needed.

He’ll be stopping at libraries and other public facilities to give presentations on his fundraising ride.

Sorbi was last heard from at Revelation Camp, Yukon, where he was holed up waiting for a break in the weather. You can follow him at www.motorcyclememoir.com

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