Women's conference held

About 1,000 riders attended the 2009 American Motorcyclist Association Women and Motorcycling Conference on the weekend at Keystone, Colorado.

The conference was supported by the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada and a keynote speaker was Deb Grey, a former Member of Parliament.

Canadian women joined others from the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and Japan at the four-day event. Speakers included AMA president Rob Dingman, Bonneville speed record holder Leslie Porterfield, Honda factory team motocrosser Ashley Fiolek, and Deb Grey, who spoke at a street party hosted by the MCC’s Women Riders Council.

A special guest was Lois Pryce, whose book "Lois on the Loose" described her 30,000 km ride from Alaska to the bottom of South America on a dirtbike.

Seminars, riding instruction, and other events were put on during the conference.


  1. I agree, Hawkmeister. It makes me feel mildly embarrassed to see this kind of event, like girls need something special. Also I think I would find an all-women’s event kind of boring.

  2. Im looking forward to the “Mens” conference. :p My Wife and I arent really fond of all this segrigation. Equality is is supposed to be equal.

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