Enfield Royal to Canada coming

sm_classic_blue.jpg A motorcycle that’s made in India will be sold in Canada soon, according to the manufacturer.

Royal Enfield is an old and once-admired British marque that has in recent decades been built in India. Its low-power, old-tech, primitive style appeals to some riders, and the GM of Royal Enfield India, Shaji Koshy, thinks that may include some of our readers.

"We will export our 500 cc international models to new markets such as Canada, Argentina, Russia, and Israel this year," he said.

The company also plans the launch of new models with electronic fuel injection, which will replace a miniature elephant that feeds gasoline to the motor through its trunk.


  1. yes they where suppose to be there but cancel at the last minute what a great bunch
    we really wanted to see the byke but guess what very disappointed in this

  2. There are better and faster bikes out there, but R/E has class, made in India (or USA in the old Buell shop).
    If they can sell a car for $2000, how about a bike for CDN$400.-

  3. I saw a Bullet 500 Deluxe this evening in Ottawa. I did a double take, I couldn’t believe there was one around here… Would love to know where the guy got it.

    It was heading west on Mitch Owens just before 5pm, it had just crossed (or turned off of) Bank St. WHERE DO I BUY ONE?????

  4. I own a Konker KSM200, I use it for commuting and I’m very happy with it. People are usually very reticent to exotic bikes. I love the classic appearance and I will definitely buy a Royal Enfield as long as the price is $5K maximum.

  5. Plenty of us brits are riding the older models – they’re not fast but they have a certain style and are very easy to ride once you get used to the gears on the right. Mine is now 15 years old and still going strong – maintenance is pretty easy due to the siomplicity of the engineering and parts are Dirt cheap from India via Ebay – wouldn’t swap mine in for anything (and you’ll never be short of conversation either as people always come and ask you about them) I would love one of the new ones if I could afford one! (please send any donations via pay pal :grin )

  6. Yes I remember the last time they brought the Indian Enfield to Canada. A guy on one was commenting on my 89 Hawk GT Jap scrap bike as he was showing off his Enfield (not mentioning it wasnt British) All I could muster up in a retort was yes its jap scrap but Ive never really been a great fan of Indian metalurgy

  7. The Brits seem to like them, and supposedly reliability supposedly has improved. If true, I’d be intersted in one too, and some of the option packages are quite cool. But then, , the Brits seem to have taken to replacing the engines with single-cylinder diesels. See http://www.dieselbike.net. 😉

  8. Cathy, clearly you’ve never experienced Victorian British designed, or Indian built machinery. The only worse example I can think of is the Lada, which was designed by Italians and built by Russians. With both Lada and Enfield, if you buy it you deserve whatever you get.

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