Combat No. 1 for sale


Rendering of Fighter Combat

Confederate Motor’s newest 160-hp motorcycle, the Fighter Combat, will be unveiled on Friday during the Pebble Beach Car Week, and then put up for auction.

The motorcycle is hand-built and incorporates a 1,966 cc motor that produces 145 lb-ft of torque into an aluminum frame. The model that will be shown on Friday will be taken to the Bonneville Salt Flats and raced for a world record between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6 in the BUB Speed Trials.

Confederate will make 25 Fighter Combat motorcycles and will deliver them at the rate of two a month starting on Nov. 30. The estimated price for one is $75,000 U.S.

To throw in your bid, go to, and to see more about Confederate motorcycles, go to


  1. Wish I was smart enough to design a bike everybody dissed, but yet, sold out every time I made a few dozen copies of it. And paid me copious amounts of money in the process. Hell, I’d even go riding with Brad Pitt. Seems like a nice guy, can’t be worse than the bunch I hang with now :grin

  2. Nice CAD rendering :roll
    428 chain on 530 sprockets.

    Looks cool, but really, $75K, 120 units. Just another unrideable trophy bike.

  3. I think it is “Bad Ass”. If it’s a touring bike you want, look else where. The Confederates are splendid machines for the speed enthusiast and offers a unique vision of the V twin… Fast, loud, and handles the twisties with grace. Just look at it! An engineering marvel.

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