Szoke on trial


Jordan demonstrates some vertical

While racing for Canada’s Superbike title, Jordan Szoke stopped off on the way to next weekend’s penultimate Parts Canada race to win the Canadian trials championship. In wet and sloppy conditions (which Szoke has said before he likes for trials riding) the five-time Canadian superbike champ rode his Gas Gas Raga 300 to defeat defending title holder Jonathan English.

Race fans may not know that Szoke is a seriously accomplished trials rider. He’s entered Canadian and world-level events before with excellent success, and in fact considers trials, ice racing, and off-road competitions excellent training for his paying job as a superbike rider for Canadian Kawasaki.

Several years ago, his mom banned him from chasing the dog around the house on his trials bike when she had a new kitchen floor put in (so his dad tells me, anyway). Not long after that, he bought the house next door and moved. Coincidence? Perhaps.

He’s also an avid landscaper/gardener and has a pretty spectacular back yard.

Not just another scrape-your-elbows road racer, our Jordan.

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