Rally to save Harley plant


A rally was held Sunday in York, Pennsylvania, to convince Harley-Davidson to keep its assembly plant operating there.

The "Save Our Plant" rally, sponsored by a local television station, drew hundreds of riders who uniformly rode only one brand of motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson said last spring it wanted to close the Pennsylvania plant due to inefficiency in its operations there, but H-D rep Pat Sweeney said the company would rather say put and is looking at ways to make that happen.

Gov. Ed Rendell said he’d throw $15 million at the plant to help Harley modernize operations there.


  1. Remember it was the unions that got all the benefits for a desent living. Management always retain the right to manage its operations. Management executive are over paid and a bigger liability to a companys survival. Its time for a big shake up. :eek

  2. Unionised workers usually just do as managment tells them they do not dictate how a company is run. the other HD plant is unionized and it is running well dont blame the unions.

    Blackies Eviltwin… You have friends?

  3. A couple of my environmental friends went down to join the “Save Our Planet” ride but realized too late what they were getting themselves into…

  4. I’d wager that the “inefficiency” is caused by over-paid union labor as much as old equipment. Upgrading the equipment will only get them so far…

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