Take the day off


Around the world people are taking a much-needed "CMG Day"!

In most provinces and territories, the first Monday in August is a holiday, though there is little uniformity of name. Just take a gander at Wikepedia and you’ll see how confusing it all is:

The holiday is known by a variety of names in different provinces and municipalities, including British Columbia Day in British Columbia, New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan Day in Saskatchewan. It is also an official statutory holiday in Nunavut and Northwest Territories, where it is simply known as "Civic Holiday".

In Alberta, Heritage Day is an "optional" civil holiday. The first Monday in August is celebrated as Natal Day in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, but is not an official provincial holiday.

It is an official provincial holiday in Ontario, and is celebrated as a municipal holiday as Simcoe Day in Toronto, and Colonel By Day in Ottawa, Joseph Brant Day in Burlington, Founders’ Day in Brantford, McLaughlin Day in Oshawa, Alexander Mackenzie Day in Sarnia, James Cockburn Day in Cobourg, and John Galt Day in Guelph.

Discovery Day is celebrated in Yukon on the third Monday in August.

Sadly in Newfoundland and Labrador it’s simply called "Monday," (or "Tabernac, c’est Lundi" in Quebec) and nobody takes the day off. But that’s not your fault.

Because of this confusion, we at CMG decided last year to give the country what it needs most: a common name for its new national holiday. That’s right, we said "new national holiday," and we’re saying it’s okay to take the day off, no matter where you live.

Just tell your boss that, like the staff of your favourite online magazine, you couldn’t possibly work on "CMG Day". Yes, stop working, get back on your bike and go for a nice ride – it’s your patriotic duty after all.

Happy CMG Day everybody.


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