AMSOIL's best–take it from them


The second edition of an AMSOIL study of motorcycle oils has been released and — surprise, surprise — AMSOIL wins!

The report looks at motorcycle oil’s ability to maintain viscosity, resist shearing forces, minimize wear, and perform other necessary functions.

More than a dozen brands of oil were tested in SAE 40 and SAE 50 ratings, including Honda, Mobil, Valvoline, and Motul. AMSOIL did not win in every category, but in many cases the winner of one category faired considerably worse in another, while AMSOIL appears to have a good general performance across the board. Mobil’s oils finished in second place for both SAE groups, while Pennzoil’s motorcycle oil was dead last.

You might take the study with a grain of salt, but it makes interesting and perhaps informative reading. You can download a copy at


  1. I havent heard any rule change on the wording of full synthetic oils. The term ” synthetic blend ” legally must have 5% synthetic oil in it.
    As for synthietic oil the base stock can be the same crude as dino juice. However the difference is synthetic oil is made chemically and regular oil is made through the refining process. The oil molecules in synthetic are all the same where in dino juice persay are still hydrocarbons but not all identicle.

  2. Said Bodi : “Can someone tell me why I might want nitrogen in my gasoline?”

    Many people use nitrogen to fill their tires. The oil companies know this, and in a effort to please their customers, have added nitrogen to their gas. That way, you always have an ample supply of nitrogen with you in case of a flat tire…

  3. It doenst suprise me about Amsoil. They are using group III base stock. Honda oil ( manufactured by shell/penzoil/Quakerstate ) is to my knowledge a group I base stock. So better ingredients shuold equal better finished produt.

  4. I acttually use their oil. It works fine, better that anything else, who knows?
    I don’t know enough about the testing to know if it proves their oil is better than others.
    They do at least make a motorcycle specific oil with presumably appropriate additives for us.
    Amsoil products are advertised as 100% synthetic. Every major brand “full synthetic” oil is a mixture of synthetic and petroleum stocks, the labelling rules were changed a few years ago so that this fraud could be foisted on us.
    Can someone tell me why I might want nitrogen in my gasoline?

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