BMW eyes Indian market


Bombay Beemer … maybe

BMW’s motorcycle division is apparently looking at India as a potential market.

Reports have surfaced that BMW India boss Peter Kronschnabl has said "people from BMW Motorcycle are having a look at the market," and that motorcycles priced over a million rupees (about $23,000 Cdn) might be sold there.

The number of expensive motorcycles that would be sold in India remains small, but the country’s population is huge and its economy is booming.

In geographically related news, the BSA-Regal Group of Southampton, England, has been given permission by a court to take the BSA name into India, even though another company is already using the name. They’re building Enfield motorcycles there — why not a BSA Lightning?


  1. Not BMW, but someone else is reviving the Indian name AGAIN!

    [url=]Link Text[/url]

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