Josh Hayes scores at Mid-Ohio


Hayes leads Bostrom at Mid-Ohio

Josh Hayes took his Yamaha R1 to a double victory at Mid-Ohio this past weekend, his second and third superbike wins in his career.

Political controversy continued to swirl around the series, as most competitors were extremely upset at last week’s announcement that a special race-only Buell would be allowed into the series despite very clear rules declaring that only street-legal bikes that were properly homologated with the series would be allowed.

At the moment, the politics in the U.S. series basically renders the racing irrelevant, which is a shame, since many talented riders and teams seem to be wasting their time running in a series that’s done nothing to improve public coverage, save money, or keep the participants happy.

Hey, at least Josh Hayes is a really nice guy, and it’s great to see him getting some success.


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