Harley-Davidson to cut workforce


With profits dropping 91 per cent in the three months from April through June, Harley-Davidson has announced plans to reduce its workforce by 1,000 people in the United States

Motorcycle shipments will also be reduced.

The company’s earnings dropped from $222.8 million U.S. to just $19.8 million in the quarter. Revenue fell to $1.15 billion, a 27 per cent drop, as sales declined.

No word from Deeley Harley-Davidson, the Canadian distributor.


  1. Just curious if the drop in revenue was year over year or from 1st to 2nd quarter? Either way it’s a huge drop but qtr to qtr can be misleading due to seasonality and sales trends.

  2. The party’s over Harley. Isn’t it about time to face reality? Oh wait, no need to, since you are a US motor company, the government will throw a few billion dollars to ‘save’ you.

  3. I’ve talked to a couple fellows trying to sell their HD’s. Both are recent models (2007 & 2008) and are supposedly priced right yet neither has had a call. Looking through the Auto Trader site I wonder what they consider “priced right” as many HD’s seem priced pretty high.

  4. It is sad but not unexpected. The Motor Company’s aggressive expansion of production with apparently not enough analysis of consumer demand and a near sighted view of consumer demographics. How many bikes could they sell to China and India ? Obviously not enough.
    This shouldn’t be a surprise when you see 2009 Bike inventories of 100 or so unsold machines per dealership, just 2 weeks before the traditional intro of 2010 models.
    Plus my personal beef of them jacking up the price 10 % in a supposed USD adjustment that only alienated me as a potential customer …
    I say “Let the Sales Begin !”

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