Buell superbike to debut


Buell 1125RR superbike

Buell will enter a revised 1125 in the AMA Superbike race at Mid-Ohio this weekend.

The 1125RR is intended for the premier American road race class and will be available in limited numbers to pro racers competing in that series.

“The 1125RR is designed to give privateer racers a turn-key machine to compete in the American Superbike class in AMA Pro Racing. We want to build on our program that has proven so successful for privateers in the Daytona SportBike class,” said Buell boss and founder Erik Buell.

To compete in the high-spec racing class, the RR needs more power than its 1125R sibling. It gets that from a larger airbox and intake manifold, new valves and camshafts, and a higher compression ratio. A titanium exhaust system, magnesium race wheels, and “other weight-reduced components” lighten the bike.

Other components will be essentially the same as on the street bike, though it gets chain drive to allow gearing changes, and a modified front brake rotor. The 1125RR, like the standard bike, is powered by an 1125 cc liquid-cooled V-twin and fueled by 61 mm down-draft fuel injectors. The standard model makes 146 hp. There is no report on the horsepower output of the RR.

The superbike will be available in limited numbers at U.S. $39,995 through the Buell Race Department. The standard 1125R is priced at $12,499 in the U.S., and $15,539 in Canada.


  1. For once I’ll side with Harley in the controversy on this one. So long as the bike seems to just have parts bolted to it that would be legal if sold separately I don’t see a problem. It is still miles behind the competition in regards to engineering and sophistication.

    Now just get it out of the 600 classes and I’ll be happy!

  2. And everybody else has to run a lightly-modified street bike. Makes sense if you’re the sanctioning company getting paid to let bikes run.

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