Backflip off a London bridge


X-Fighters in Madrid 2008

Having stirred up some excitement with a backflip jump across the Thames River on Monday, stunt rider Robbie Maddison is in Spain to compete in the Red Bull X-Fighters world freestyle motocross championships.

Maddison, a 27-year-old Australian freestyler, performed his jump off the Tower Bridge in London as the bridge was opening. The promotional stunt for the X-Fighters competition was a first for the famous London bridge, and while he said later that he knew he could do the hundred-foot distance from one bridge rampart to the other, a misstep could have ended his career with a splash.

There was no misstep, however, as he had practised on a replica built specifically for that purpose.

The whole thing was caught by television cameras and is now available on YouTube. It makes good watching – and it’s brief enough that you can see it a dozen times before your boss gets back from his "coffee break."

The Red Bull X-Fighters competition takes place in Madrid on Friday.


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