A touring we will go


John Valk BMW-Ducati in Vancouver is producing motorcycle tours that have all the ingredients of a lifetime experience, but they’re not cheap.

The dealership has been doing well with the up-market brands, and has recently moved into a new, larger shop. Owner John Valk sees tours as a way of building excitement for the brands he sells, and recently conducted a tour of Africa that cost participants $25,000.

A tour is currently underway from Vancouver to Dawson City, and his next long ride takes place in Europe. Le Tour d’Amour runs Sept. 25 to Oct. 11 and starts in Barcelona, runs into France along the Mediterranean coast, goes around the French Alps, and lands in Versailles near Paris. A return trip to Barcelona goes through central France.

For the price of nearly $10,000 you get a flight for you and your motorcycle, breakfast every day, and a support vehicle. Other meals are not provided, and the website doesn’t specify that accommodations are included, but it seems likely. Oh, and the balance is due this week, so make up your mind quickly, si vous plais.

Valk’s African excursion visited Cape Town and travelled up the east coast of Africa to Ethiopia. Fifteen riders took part in that 36-day adventure.


  1. John Valk is a wanker. Worst service I’ve ever experienced at a bike shop. He is an unpleasant, rude toady, and I’ll never deal with him again. As these tours attest, the money grubbing there never stops.

  2. Just don’t try to bring your U.S. purchased BMW in for ‘servicing’. He charges double on labour if you were smart enough to save money and buy your bike in the States.

    ‘Adventure Riding’ for dummies is what these tours are about. For less than half the price you could do it on your own. Of course you won’t have anyone holding your hand or a chase vehicle to ‘save’ you once your BMW is stranded on the side of the road.

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