Rally for the worldly


Photo: toadrockcampground.com

Participants in a rally for world travellers won’t ride around the world during the midsummer event, but they will get and share information about the ultimate in long-distance riding.

The second annual MRT, or Motorcycle Rally for Travellers, will take place at Toad Road Campground July 31 to Aug. 2. Toad Rock is located near Nelson, B.C., and is for motorcyclists.

Organizers Wolfgang Simmert and Anny Langlois of Edmonton hope that riders who have travelled in many different parts of the globe will attend the rally and share their knowledge.

The rally will include seminars on the use of GPS and other subjects. The first woman from North America to ride alone around the world, Doris Maron, will speak at the rally, and so will riders who have toured South America, Europe, and other areas.

Last year, about 80 people attended the first MRT. See www.mrtcanada.ca for more info on the MRT and toadrockcampground.com for the rally site.


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