MBSR gets major coverage


Meeson shows how it’s done

Mad Bastard ’09 is in the history books, and in the Toronto Star’s Wheels section too, as Wheels editor Mark Richardson and wheels.ca editor Andrew Meeson – AKA Team Death Star – were among the participants.

CMG’s Mad Bastard Scooter Rally was held last weekend with 72 competitors, dressed in everything from (according to Meeson’s story in wheels.ca) a gorillia suit, to a toilet.

See the Wheels website for Meeson’s colourful story.


  1. I really wouldn’t put it past the O(ntario)P(enalty)P(roducers) to rule wearing underpants outside your jeans to be “Stunting” by definition, thus just appearing in public would be enough to suffer the “penalties justified under the law”. :eek :upset :sigh


  2. I assume there were no OPP around when this photo was taken, I believe that would be deemed stunting in our province. The costs for the tow, impound fees, fines and legal expenses would exceed the cost of the bike. How’s that for hitting home a point.

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