Take the long ride


H.O.G. ’round the world 200X

H.O.G. members worldwide are asked to help accomplish a nearly unbelievable task on Monday, June 29.

On that day, members of the Harley Owners Group will be tasked with riding 8,046,720 kilometres on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Last year, H.O.G. members participated in the first "Million Mile Monday," but failed to stop at a million miles — they ran up more than three times that range. This year, the object is to stop at five million miles, but since it’s happening once again on a Monday, many H.O.G. riders may simply keep on going. The farther you are from work on Tuesday morning, after all, the better your chances of surviving the week.

For a complete set of instructions and requirements, tune in to YouTube’s All-Harley-All-The-Time Harley Channel. 

Ride safe, y’all!!!

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