Team AGNI wins TTXGP


AGNI race bike wins TTXGP

Team AGNI recorded an average speed of 87.434 miles per hour to win the TTXGP Best Buy Pro class event at the Isle of Man on Friday.

Rider Rob Barber brought the AGNI electric motorcycle home in a time of 25:53:50, 10 miles per hour and just over three minutes faster than the XXL Racing Team second place bike.

Electric Motorsport rider Chris Heath won the Open class race with a speed of 66.022 mph and a time of 34:17:30.

Several teams were unable to finish the world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle road race: MotoCzysz, Kingstong University, ManTTX, and Brammo were all DNF.

Peace E-Rider, Evo Design, and E-Rocket were unable to start the race.

The AGNI X01 motorcycle is a joint Indo-British product. Wearing Pirelli tires, the bike led the race from the early stages.

The TTXGP was intended as a demonstration of the performance potential of zero-emissions (electric) motorcycles. It was run on one lap of the 37.73-mile course earlier on the day of the traditional Senior TT motorcycle race. The winner of the Senior TT this year, Steve Plater, turned in average speeds of more than 130 mph on a Honda over several laps.

Sadly, the third place finisher in the TTXGP Open class race, John Crellin, a 55-year-old resident of the Isle of Man, was killed in the Senior TT when he crashed at the Mountain Box portion of the course on his fifth lap.

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