Cash for clunkers


"Hey, Bubba, let’s git one a dem mo-cycles!"

An American program that provides cash rebates to people who trade in old cars for new fuel-efficient vehicles could boost U.S. motorcycle sales.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey has introduced legislation that would extend the program to cover the purchase of new motorcycles.

The "cash for clunkers" bill provides a cash voucher for buyers who trade in vehicles with fuel efficiency below 18 miles per gallon on the purchase of vehicles that get 22 miles or more per gallon. Where the fuel efficiency improvement is 10 miles per gallon, the voucher is worth $4,500.

Since motorcycles often get better fuel mileage than cars, and since Harley-Davidson operates plants in his home state of Pennsylvania, Casey wants motorcycles included in the bill.

The amendment would allow up to $2,500 for motorcycle purchases, but for it to be effective, motorcycle dealers would have to take in those old clunker cars on trade.


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