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Velomatic 512 serial number 0001

Italian police have raided the factory where speed enforcement photo radar units are built.

The Financial and Anti-Fraud Police in Italy say the makers of the Velomatic 512 photo radar unit committed a fraud by issuing the same serial number to each unit. That was done in order to skip the process of calibrating and getting approval for each individual unit, which would have been expensive.

The company had sent one unit for approval, and then used that unit’s serial number on all the rest of their radar units.

Best of all, the fraud resulted in police cancelling nearly 82,000 tickets, worth about $17-million Cdn, which is presumably a little more than the amount the company saved by faking the calibrations.

Not even 15 minutes’ worth


Not exactly as shown

A YouTube video showing stunters at work on Vancouver, B.C., streets has been pulled off the site, but Vancouver police are not looking for the rider, even though RCMP say the activity was illegal.

"What I saw of the video constitutes criminal driving behaviour," said RCMP spokesman Staff Sgt. Marc Alexander.

He said any charges would fall under the jurisdiction of the Vancouver Police Department.

The VPD said they won’t pursue the matter, because the video doesn’t show any identifiable culprits.

Vietnam Special

sm_090612vietflag.jpg As everyone knows, riding a motorcycle in Vietnam is considered an acceptable risk, along with leaving a loaded handgun at the daycare and consuming vast amounts of pills stolen from your grandmother’s medicine cabinet.

The Brits in these videos find out what life is really all about where the average yearly income is less than the price of a doughnut, but surprises don’t stop them, or even slow them down.

The show is called Top Gear, and the Vietnam Special is its last episode.

View part one here, and find the rest at YouTube.

To learn something useless about the episode, visit Wikipedia.


  1. Last time I looked at the speedometer I was doing 70 kph. then I slowed down for a double set of rail way tracks. The green car had already sped past me and the cop had already pulled up behind. No I was not doing 87.I guess for me it’s that he could have picked any one out of a number of cars that were going faster than me but he chose to select the motorcycle instead. I’d take the 70 kilometers per hour in a 60 any day of the week without argument. It’s funny, I rode the same route this weekend doing exactly 60 and it was like I was sitting still with the cars that were buzzing me and the p

  2. You were doing 87 in a 60 – – that is why you were stopped. That is why you were given a speeding ticket. If you were going much slower, say 67, then you probably wouldn’t be stopped. On a Harley of all things??? Must of been going down hill. :cry

  3. No papers under the seat here. He just punches in the info and the computer generates something that looks like a cash register receipt….the operative word here being “CASH.” I don’t know that it was 147 in a shift or for he weekend, I’m just going by what he was bragging about to a mutual acquaintance!

  4. A hundred and Fourtyseven tickets in one day. Reminds me once of what I heard in the media about the often rumored “Quota” Expecting 4 tickets per hour from a traffic cop as a “reasonable amount of work to be expected” from the officer. Hows that for a spin. So in this case Ill call BS on that many tickets in a day. If he worked a 12 hour shift that is one ticket every 4.8 minutes. Highly unlikely. Not that this guy isnt a problem to drivers but it usually takes me 2 minutes alone to get my papers out from under the seat.

  5. I ran into a real A-Hole in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. I’m riding home, on a company Harley CVO Fat Bob, and I’m almost through the city in heavy traffic and some kid in a car blows by me in the left lane. i see the cop (badge number 49) pull out and in behind me and I’m fully expecting him to pull around and go after the kid. He stays right on my ass and the lights come on. He pulls me over and fines me ($137.00) for 87 in a 60. I ask the cop about the kid that just flew by me and he says, “ya I got him too but he was going slower than you were.” See ya court A$$ hole. I find out today that he wrote 147 tickets that particular day. If you are ever near Belleville, avoid it ’cause this guy is notorious for this crap!!! This is gonna cost me another $300 for Pointts to fight this but screw him!

  6. I dont think this whole Radar thing would ever happen in Canada. Given the history of inegtrity (especially recent history) of the Revenue Collecting Motorized Patrol I feel quite confident that we dont have to worry about this kind of activity in Canada. They would never charge the maker of their radar equipment with Fraud.

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