Jesse gets cold, but wife still hot


Mrs. James’s husband went riding

Custom bike builder Jesse James rides a BMW R1200GS Adventure in Alaska this Sunday on Spike TV.

James has begun appearing in a new television show, "Jesse James is a Dead Man," in which he takes on "death-defying" stunts. On Sunday, it’s "Arctic Bike Journey," with the chopper builder carrying medicine to an Arctic community in the winter.

Rather than using one of his own bikes for the frigid Arctic ice road journey, James takes an established adventure model, perhaps to avoid getting too literal with the whole "death-defying" schtick.

He was on the Tonight Show recently talking about the new show. What he failed to discuss with Jay Leno, however, was his feelings about his wife, actress Sandra Bullock, romping nude with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in "The Proposal," which opens June 19.

So if you miss Jesse’s TV show, at least try to catch the Mrs, who apparently loves hanging around hubby’s motorcycle shop and getting filthy.





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