Picture book for you and me


And peg A is inserted into hole B

Honda has published a new motorcycle "Technology Picture Book" that is not a book at all, but a website that’s intended as a simplified guide to Honda’s motorcycle technologies.

The site explains in words and pictures such concepts as the new Human-Friendly Transmission found in the DN-01 and an "engine idling stop system" for small bikes, in which the motor shuts off at stop lights, then restarts at the twist of the throttle.
There are pages on the electronic steering damper, the riding simulator, Hyper VTEC, the Honda S Matic electronic control belt CVT, and other goodies.

The operating principles of these systems are described in reasonable detail, and while the "picture book" is somewhat limited at the moment, this is a website, so there’s potential for much more to be done. At the very least, it’s fun to explore.

Learn more at world.honda.com.

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