Mountie could be charged


Orion Hutchinson

The Mountie whose car killed a 21-year-old motorcyclist last fall in Tsawwassen, B.C., could face serious charges.

Delta, B.C., police are expecting approval to lay charges of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death against Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, who was off duty at the time of the collision.

Orion Hutchinson had just finished a program at the B.C. Institute of Technology and was planning to start work two days later. He was thrown from his motorcycle when it collided with a vehicle driven by the RCMP corporal.

Hutchinson was killed immediately.

Robinson is said to have failed a blood-alcohol test administered after the crash. He was put on leave with pay following the collision.

Robinson was the officer in charge of an infamous tasering death incident at Vancouver International Airport almost exactly a year before the collision. He was no stranger to violence: a few years earlier, he had been involved in an incident that resulted in a man who was wielding an axe and a bat being shot by police. The man survived and it was not clear which of several police officers had fired the bullet that struck him in the chest. Robinson was given a medal for bravery after that action.


  1. I think for starters William J. S. Elliott needs to come forth and say ” Yes we screwed up hiring this one. He is no longer with us.” I think accountability should start at the top.

  2. He’s a fookin’ scumbag, and should be locked up for life.
    Sadly, he is not much different from most cops.
    If only they would stop recruiting and psychologically testing
    for their preferred nut-jobs (those that fit the police
    psychological profile), and, instead, tried to hire good
    and proper men that are fair and understanding.

  3. On the other hand…please name me a police officer who IS a stranger to violence. Your unbiased report takes on a different tone after this comment.
    A cop shot an axe-wielding man? I’d say a commendation might be in order.

    Not saying this particular constable is guilty or innocent. I’m just sayin’…

  4. Whats taking so long to charge this guy?

    You didnt mention that Robinson claims to have left the scene of the accident to bring his kid home and then knocked back two vodkas to steady his nerves before returning to the scene of the accident.

    That is the character of this guy… his testimony in the taser incident isnt worth spit

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