Trails club develops funding plan


With $25-million of federal "shovel-ready" cash up for grabs, the Ontario Dual Sport Club members have been considering ways to make use of it.

They have come up with a plan to improve some trails and help members of the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders get some of that federal funding. After all, the money is intended as much to help people during the economic downturn as to get trails built.

There are some OFTR trail projects that would qualify for this money, but in order to get things going they need matching dollars, so the OFTR will re-open its Land Use Fund and take donations to be used for grant applications through the National Trail Coalition Grant program. The money that’s donated will be held strictly and only for use this way, and won’t buy coffee or paper clips or anything else.

Projects that can qualify for the federal cash grants include new trail construction, putting up signs, improving or fixing trails, making or improving bridges, and surveying for new trails.

See the website for more information, then get ready to shovel some cash to places where it’ll do some good! CMG ran a story on the federal funding program last month.

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