Mac motorcycles from Britain


Ruby design concept

British motorcycle builder Ellis Pitt has teamed up with a UK design studio, Xenophya Design, to launch a new British motorcycle company, Mac Motorcycles.

The team has designed a range of small, air-cooled singles using the Buell Blast 500 cc motor.

Four models are presently planned, the Spud, the Ruby, the Peashooter, and the Roarer. Pitt’s design philosophy adores simplicity and straightforward function, as the photo shows.

Mac Motorcycles is based in Upton-Upon-Severn in Worcestershire, but plans to sell their bikes around the world. Cost will be in the $15,000 Cdn range. See more at mac-motorcycles .


  1. Nice concept, interesting design, but why that ugly lump of an engine? Especially when there are such terrific alternatives. They must have got all those left-over Buell Blast engines really, really cheap…?

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