Graduated licences for Saskatchewan


The province of Saskatchewan will move to a graduated licensing program for motorcyclists in 2011.

The graduated program will be similar to the province’s current program for new drivers of cars, and will consist of three restricted stages before a rider receives the M endorsement: Learner, Novice 1, and Novice 2.

A new rider could receive an M-endorsed licence in three years by going through the program, but driving infractions and other problems would extend the restricted period.

Saskatchewan Safety Council boss Harley Toupin said the new program "will go a long way towards reducing motorcycle-related deaths and injuries in Saskatchewan." Last year, five riders were killed and 221 were injured on the province’s roads.

Motorcyclists in Saskatchewan can currently ride with only a few minor restrictions after passing a written test.


  1. The safety guy’s name in Saskatchewan is “Harley”? There goes his credibility. Seriously, am I the only one who sees this as another government tax grab. If they are “targeting” new drivers by forcing them through a graduated program, how exactly does this make them safe? Are motorcycle safety courses mandatory too? Are they restricting CC’s or HP for these new riders? If not, then it will be just like Ontario… a kid can write his M1 today, and launch himself on an R1 tomorrow.

  2. Fault and prevention are two separate things. Lots of accidents where another vehicle is at fault could be prevented through better defensive riding and awareness. Not all, of course, but experience counts for a lot in terms of accident avoidance radar.

  3. Looks like Quebec is also going for graduated licensing, 2011 is what they are aiming for. Might be a way to cut back on some accidents but you can still get killed on a 49cc scooter if a car driver blows through a light or stop sign. I have seen more people hurt and killed by no fault of their own. Speed is not the biggest danger out there…

  4. This is long overdue. Maybe if this was brought in a few years back, I would not find myself facing a 25% increase in my insurance costs. Saskatchewan vehicles are insured through the government, and we all get punished due to individuals whom lack experience and common sense. Hopefully, this step will reverse the trend of jacking up rates for all, and target the individuals responsible.

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