A better GPS for bikes


Typical motorcycle-specific GPS units come with a number of failings-they’re small, sometimes difficult to mount, and can drain the bike’s battery if left on while the bike is off.

Here comes designer Stephen Dettman, with a concept that should be developed for commercial sale.

His MotoMap GPS Device for Bikes uses flexible solar panels to keep it strong, and flexible display technology for ease of use. The Dettman GPS sits on the fuel tank like a road map in a slim tank bag, secured with straps and magnets, and the map display is detachable, with a solar panel underneat – so when the rider isn’t navigating, the unit can be flipped over to juice up from the sun.

Dettman has also designed the unit to be manipulated by riders wearing gloves.

So far, you can’t buy this unit, but it’s too good an idea to be left languishing in the drawer of unrealized potential, don’t you think? Visit yankodesign.com to see more.


  1. I prefer the gps to be mounted high on my handlebars keeping the screen closer to my direct line of sight allowing me a quick glance but still watching the road with my peripheral vision. Down on the tank isnt as convenient or safe

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