Know your shipping costs


At, they’ve developed a shipping price estimator with two valuable qualities: it works for motorcycles, and it works for Canadian locations.

So if you’re bidding on a Ducati Paso in Fort Worth, Texas, and you live in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, all you have to do is plug in zip and postal codes, and out pops an estimate of the cost of getting your bike home. In this case, it would be $393.51, according to the estimator.

To get the estimate, click on “Ship Stuff” in the top menu, then on “Get a Price Estimate for your move” on the next page, and go to town — any town. Once you’ve got that estimate, you can list your shipment on the site and receive bids from shippers that might lower the cost further.

The website makes it easy by helping you find the postal and zip codes you need, but the best thing of all is that it has a category for motorcycles, and it works for Canadian locations. Okay, that’s two things.

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