BMW sales still strong


Like hot cakes they sell

Things just don’t get gloomy at BMW Motorrad Canada. Swine flu pandemic, looming ice age, the total collapse of money, that asteroid that’s about to hit the earth — nothing seems to slow down sales of their motorcycles.

Now they’ve announced that April set an "all time best monthly sales record" of 357 units. That’s a 19 per cent increase over April of last year, and for the first four months of this year, sales are half again what they were last year at this point, with 593 BMW motorcycles sold.

However, that’s nothing. Sales of the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupé were up 295% compared to April of last year. Meanwhile, sales of BMW cars overall are down compared to last year.

Previous months have shown very good sales for BMW motorcycles, so this appears to be a continuing trend.


  1. I got a 2008 F800S for $8500.00 @ 3.9% [ yellow the fastest colour ]over 48 months no other brand could come close to that deal. A WICKED bike with x3 years warranty and they delivered it to my door with some swag to boot.

  2. i think it’s their uber cheap consumer financing that they’re offering – proof is in the pudding – consumer financing drives sales, and BMW’s consumer financing program is tough to beat.

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