Ducati Recall (#2009089)


Models Involved: 2009 Monster 696

Number of Vehicles: 240

Problem: On certain motorcycles, the main wiring harness may contact the vertical cylinder head and become damaged. This could result in a loss of vehicle lighting and/or degradation of engine performance. Failure of the lighting system may result in the following road users being unaware of the rider’s intentions, as well as reducing vehicle conspicuity during hours of darkness. This could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death.

Correction: Dealers will reposition the wiring harness.


  1. No concerns about that Hi-Pipe melting your left arse cheek and thigh causing rider to suddenly bolt upright and sail through the air causing embarassment, injury or death?
    Is there a hand signal to warn other drivers that your lower extremities are almost done ?

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