Keep you in Stiches


Aerostich has issued its new catalog, which contains "over one hundred all-new items … including a miniature ‘Remote Control Zipper Sliders’ option."

Being announced on this day of all days, the motorized zippers are unlikely to be found in the real world, but the rest of the catalog is a motorcycle gear lover’s dream.

The ’09 RiderWearHouse book is free, 244 pages, contains 67 new customer-provided pictures, and more than 23 sidebars and guides — we assume that means there are 23.5, or 23 + 1 or else someone at Aerostich just got hungry while counting and discontinued … or discounted. Whatever.



Call 800-555-1994 for your catalog. April Fool! That middle number is actually 222. The 555 number will only get you to Gary, the valet at Jay Leno’s garage.

But all kidding aside, send your address to and your catalog will arrive, even if you live in Canada.


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