Never lose another helmet


sm_090331helmetlock.jpg A San Francisco company has released a new helmet lock that appears to offer security and convenience.

The HelmetSecure lock sells on the company’s website for $60 U.S. It attaches to the handlebars and contains a 15-inch coil of steel cable, which can be threaded around the chinbar of a full-face helmet and then snapped into place.

Since the lock is attached to a motorcycle’s handlebars, improper installation could result in death, so the instructions are required reading. However, the whole thing looks fairly simple.

The lock holds the helmet in an upright position, so it won’t fill with rain or bird droppings when the bike is left in a rainy bird park.

If you’ve just invested $800 in a new helmet, knowing your new lid is as safe as your motorcycle might be worth $60.

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