KTM hit by economy


KTM workers get to goof off ktmadventuretours.com

KTM will cut production and expenses later this year by putting half its workforce onto a half-time schedule.

The Austrian company wants to cut motorcycle production by a quarter and expects the half-time schedule will equal a two-month shut-down.

The company has 1,482 employees and will place 733 of them on part-time work from May to August. All worker segments will be affected, including management.

According to the website austriantimes.at, KTM will get 30 million euros from parent company Cross Industries and Indian partner Bajaj, which will improve its holdings in KTM to 30 pre cent.

As reported in CMG, the Austrian manufacturer is also reported to be working on an electric enduro model that will be available within two years.


  1. Last year I wanted to buy a 690SMC but they were almost impossible to get so I planned t buy one this spring. In the end I did not buy one due to the 10% price increase for a 2009 model. Pricing may be an issue for potential KTM buyers.


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