Mountie still can't drive


Orion Hutchinson

An RCMP officer who is accused of killing a motorcyclist in a drunk driving crash and then fleeing the scene has failed to have a driving ban lifted.

Cpl. Benjamin Robinson was at the wheel when his vehicle collided with a motorcycle in Delta, British Columbia, last fall. Twenty-one-year-old Orion Hutchinson was killed and Robinson was said by witnesses to have fled the scene. Police found him soon after, took him to the Delta police station, and gave him a breathalyzer test, which police said he failed.

Robinson was subsequently banned from driving, but he filed a petition in court to have the ban removed.

Earlier this month, a B.C. Supreme Court judge determined that there was no reason to lift the ban.

Robinson was among four RCMP officers involved in the much-publicized death of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport.


  1. About 20yrs ago, I was told to my face, that I didn’t fit into the demographic they were looking to expand…

    They weren’t accepting ‘non-minority’ applications.

  2. As a current Police Foundations student looking for a job with a police force, I can truly say that I will avoid the RCMP at all costs.

    The general public truly has no idea what kind of idiots they employ

  3. R.C.M.P. recruiting standards were obviously slackened to accommodate hiring of the drunkard “taser master”! Can you say bad cop. I hope they lock that sucker up, before he becomes an “ace”. Two kills and counting. 🙁

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