Kawasaki Recall (#2009068)


Models Involved: 2008 – 2009 KLR 650

Number of Vehicles: 3,247

Problem: On certain motorcycles, the muffler mount bolts could loosen due to heat expansion of the exhaust pipe and vibration. Should the bolts loosen completely, the muffler could separate from the motorcycle, which could result in a vehicle crash causing personal injury or death.

Correction: Dealers will remove the paint from the muffler mount tabs and replace the mount bolts, nuts, washers and gasket.


  1. I wonder if the new KLR will develop the inevitable “tweety” exhaust note so famous to the stock exhausts.

    I took my cat for a ride thinking she might kill tweety. No luck. Se just lay there soaking in the sun.

    So I bought a supertrap.

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