Budget Brits, Texas, and the Zone

We have three new reads from Whitehorse Press to tell you about.


Building Budget Brits: A Tale of Two Twins, by Mike Brown
$24.95 US order code BBRIT

If you’ve ever wanted to rebuild or restore a unit-construction Triumph or BSA twin, this book will encourage you to do it.

It will also show you how to keep your money where it belongs – in CMG’s Pub Night jar.

Building Budget Brits covers the restoration of engines, frames, suspension components, brakes, fuel tanks, and even Amal carbs and Lucas, er, lights. Everything you need to know, in an easy to read style.

It will also help you buy the right bike to start with.

Now get out to that garage, get your spanners out of the boot, and get working!

sm_090318texas.jpg Motorcycle Journeys Through Texas and Northern Mexico, by Neal and Sandy Davis
$24.95 order code MJTXNM

Deep in the heart of Texas (and northern Mexico), there lies a motorcycle, and a man, or a woman. Or a teenager. And it’s you, because you’ve read this book.

If you haven’t ridden the American south or the Mexican north, you’ve got a treat in store.

The roads of Texas cover everything from ocean shores to lush forests and snowy mountains, and this book explains in detail how to get there, what to do, and where to go when you’re deep in the heart of Texas and northern Mexico.

sm_090318zone.jpg Riding in the Zone: Advanced Techniques for Skillful Motorcycling, by Ken Condon
$29.95 order code: ZONE

The latest addition to the Whitehorse riding skills series focuses on mental and physical conditioning and skills. To ride in the zone, you need to be physically and mentally present, and you need to respond to situations immediately and correctly.

A number of factors affect your zone-state, and the author helps you get there and be there. It comes with a DVD and is 144 pages long.

TOC includes Confidence and the Zone, Risk Awareness and Acceptance, Traction Sense, Body Force, and of course, lots more. There’s also a DVD.

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