Riderless bike hit cop


Photo: edmontonpolice.ca

A police officer who tried to flag down a speeding Honda 600 in Edmonton almost three years ago was in court yesterday, testifying that when the bike hit him, the rider was no longer aboard it.

According to the Edmonton Sun newspaper, the officer was using a laser gun to catch speeders at an intersection when he saw a motorcycle rushing toward him. He stepped into the road, saw the bike start to wobble, and then saw its rider fly off. The motorcycle then proceeded directly toward him.

He tried to jump over the bike, he told the court, but one leg was hit and severely injured. The officer’s partner, and the dismounted rider of the motorcycle, both rushed to his aid.

The officer told the court that he has filed a lawsuit against the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was charged with dangerous driving causing bodily harm.


  1. This was bound to happen given the stupid tactic of lasering/radar and jumping out to flag down.

    But then the cops have shown such dismal judgement in so many cases in this country

  2. Sorry, he got it wrong, unless you follow Oxford English usage rather than Canadian English usage.

    ” Nouns take -ice while verbs take -ise, compare practice and practise.”

  3. I beg to differ. When faced with rapidly oncoming traffic, it is prudent not to step out in the first place. This is a police practise that I have never understood.

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