BMW bikes moving


F650GS moving for BMW

BMW Motorrad reports February sales in Canada up 336 per cent over the same month a year before.

BMW sold 48 motorcycles in Canada last month, and since January 1st, they’ve sold 68, which is a 183 per cent increase over last year’s YTD sales for the first two months.

The new F650GS and F800GS models appear to be driving some of that success, along with the R1200GS and new K1300 series.

Buyers unwilling to risk missing out on some of the new models probably account for part of the increase in sales, says Chris Duff, BMW Motorrad marketing manager. "Last year we sold out of the F650GS early in the season and the F800GS was a late season arrival that sold out even before the bikes landed on Canadian soil. So, we feel the people that wanted these bikes did not want to wait until spring and bought them now while inventory was available." Duff adds that half the sales were out west, where motorcycle activity typically starts earlier than in eastern provinces.

BMW cars are also up for February, but are down eight per cent for the YTD figures, at 2,070 models.


  1. C’mon BMW, you ain’t fooling no one. We all know that the blow out deal on the F800S is what is padding those numbers!!!

  2. You’re right. It’s the K1300 series and Mr. Thornton might have noticed that if he’d been paying attention. We have corrected the error. We’ve also fixed the mistake in the story.

  3. It’s actually the new K1300 series and I can add that my visit to Toronto BMW last week saw about 30 bikes on the floor with well over 60% of them with sold stickers on them. They are now worried about having enough supply as the manufacturer has cut back on production given economic conditions.

    I’m not sure if this is universal within the industry but GP Bikes in Ajax is also seeing the same results.

    I have found dealer pricing far more attractive than private sellers on the used side of the business. I’m sorry but your 11 year old sportbike isn’t worth $9,0000.

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