New suit from BMW


You can’t change a man, but for $1,800 you can "c change" him

We’re impressed when a manufacturer applies a Shakespearean reference to its products, but BMW has gone even further into the forest of literary tradition and taken a tip from Paul Bunyan for its new Streetguard 3 motorcycle suit.

The protective full-body garment actually uses a principle copied from pine cones to allow it to breathe.

The pine cone’s scales open and close in response to heat and cold, and it’s that principle that BMW has copied with its trademarked c change membrane, which provides the weather protection in the new Streetguard 3.

The outer fabric, a blend of Kevlar, cotton, and polyamide elements, is 20 per cent more resistant to tearing and frictional heat, according to BMW.

The suit also has a "coldblack" feature on the outside, which results in most sunlight being reflected, rather than absorbed as heat.

A single zipper on the front of the jacket keeps out water and wind, and special cuffs prevent water from drooling into gloves. A Thinsulate liner adds warmth. The back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees are armoured, and an optional tailbone protector is available.

Many sizes are available for men and women, and it’s available in black, so it’ll never be out of fashion.

Price is about $1,800 for jacket ($1,000) and pants ($800). And that’s Canadian, by the way.

And in case you’re curious, here’s a bit from Shakespeare’s The Tempest:

     Full fathom five thy father lies:
     Of his bones are coral made:
     Those are pearls that were his eyes:
     Nothing of him that doth fade
     But doth suffer a sea-change
     Into something rich and strange.

Now, if that last line doesn’t suit the BMW Streetguard 3, we’ll eat our collection of Paul Bunyan comix.


  1. $1800? Um, that’s almost what I had intended to spend on my bike . . . and insurance . . . and cycle mags for the year!!

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