More lead sleds for Canada


What happens to children who eat lead

Child-sized motorcycles that have become illegal in the United States could be shipped to Canada for sale to children north of the 49th.

That’s the opinion of a Jefferson City, Missouri, motorcycle dealer, following a change in U.S. law that prohibits the sale of anything that might allow children to absorb any amount of lead — a category that includes small motorcycles and ATVs.

Even though kids are unlikely to eat their small motorcycles, and thus unlikely to absorb any lead, the law leaves no room for margins of error: if there’s lead, and kids might use it, you can’t sell it. Period.

In fact, you can’t even lend it. Libraries will no longer be permitted to lend books that have lead-based ink in them. And children’s motorcycles that contain lead — as in batteries and various other components — cannot be sold.

The owner of Larry’s Motor Sports in Jefferson City said dealers are now sitting with millions of dollars worth of small bikes and ATVs that they can’t sell. Manufacturers might buy them back, he said, and ship them to Canada or Mexico, where it’s still legal to sell them.

The Motorcycle Industry Council in the U.S. is fighting for an exemption to the law, but a lawyer for the organization has told the press group AP that it’s unlikely one will be granted.


  1. The vehicles can not be shipped to Canada. The CPSIA deems the units toxic and prohibits their transport. Dealers are stuck with them until the law is changed.

  2. The CPSIA law terrifies people from moms making handmade children’s clothes for sale to libraries to second-hand stores. Banning kid’s motor vehicles is just the latest weirdness. You can read more of this craziness at .

    US Congress can’t write competent laws. Protecting kids from serious harm is fine. The way they are doing it is moronic and inconsistent. For example, they ban lead from inside kid’s ATVs where it won’t do harm while allowing hundreds of poisons banned in other nations to be used in baby soaps, lotions, and wipes that cause far more harm.

  3. Yes, keep them lead fee so the taliban can fill them full of it when the turn 18! This world is truly insane! 😡

  4. Don’t expose U.S. kids to early riding skills as well. Let’s wait unitl they’re on the road before they first get to learn how to ride!
    What a joke!
    Oh well, maybe it will mean cheaper prices for us Canadians as mentioned on another post.

  5. totally agree with the first comment poster. Don’t the US have bigger fish to fry right now? Oh well, guess we shouldn’t complain, if they want to send those smaller bikes and ATV’s up here, I’ll gladly buy a couple of each for my kids for a deal!

  6. WTF, Every toy I buy my kids uses batteries? The bikes have gas in them too so we better not let the kids drink it. Teach you kids to wash their hands and wear the gloves/helmets/pads they should when they ride. The USA is Scary, Sue McDonalds because they sell HOT coffee, and their food makes you fat. Don’t think for yourself. Oh well, Maybe my son will get his mini bike sooner than I thouhgt if the market here floods and prices drop. Hope he doesn’t chew on it! Almost as bad as Bill 117 in Ontario = Thoughtless Politics uninformed politicians making laws for the sake of it.

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