Street shoot out at Grand Bend


Jason Dunigan, nearly 200 mph

With all the news lately about gang violence, you’ve got to wonder why the gov’mint is allowing another street shootout, but this one presents no danger to pedestrians.

Some of the fastest motorcycles in Canada will make an appearance June 20 at the Grand Bend Motorplex, in Grand Bend, Ontario, for the Suzuki Canadian Fastest Streetbike Shootout.

So far, the quickest and fastest Pro Street runs have been 7.441 seconds, and 198.89 mph, both on Suzuki motorcycles.

Rules are similar to the AMA’s Pro Street category. Competing bikes must wear DOT tires and look something like street bikes, though extensive mods are permissible.

Suzuki Canada is the event sponsor, which makes sense, given the number of Hayabusas involved in drag racing.


  1. :eek

    I’m sure KML will be incensed…

    I can’t see any anodizing, nor carbon fiber…

    How ever could it be??? :p

    :grin :grin :grin :grin

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