2009 GSXR 1000 info released


All new for 09.

Suzuki’s 2009 GSX-R1000 is a whole new bike.

A totally new engine is of course more compact (a remarkable 5.8 cm shorter) while being more powerful, while a longer swingarm (to take up the space of the shorter engine) should lessen (can’t say ‘minimize’) the wheelie tendency.

The engine has the usual mod cons — increased compression ratio, wider bore and a shorter stroke (for more revs), larger titanium valves, reworked cam profiles and ’12-point’ injectors.


Swingarm is longer and lighter.

Engine cases are now two part, instead of three and there’s a new
exhaust system, which comes with a power valve and cat. As with the
previous model there’s a three way drive mode selector which enables
you to choose max power or to lesser outputs if you value your licence.
There’s also a lap timer.

A new frame for the new engine and swingarm is a given, but it’s shorter too to give a reduction in wheelbase of 10 mm. Suspension is upgraded to match; the front features Showa’s trick new Big Piston Forks (no cartridge design elements), as on the ’09 Kawasaki ZX-6R, and are claimed to have the same benefits … lighter, more responsive, less dive when braking.


Other trinkets include an electronically controlled steering damper
(more damping for high speed, less for low for easier maneuverability)
and remountable footpegs with three choices depending how lanky you are.

As you’d expect, all items have been shaved of a few grams here and there and overall Suzuki reckon that they’ve reduce the weight by 5kg. Claimed curb weight is 203 Kg.

Available colours are blue/white, white/silver and red/black.

MSRP is $16,199.00 – up $1000 on last year’s model and up $700 for when they first priced the bike in late 2008 …

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