RACE rules changes


The RACE Series based out of Shannonville Motorsport Park has finalized some rule changes for the 2009 season, as follows.

1. Qualified riders taking part in the RACE Riders’ School on Friday, April 17 will receive a free test day the following Saturday or Sunday.

2. A special Honda CBR125 Riders’ School will take place on Friday, May 15. The school is open to any CBR125 owner; fee is $ 250 and includes the cost of the 2009 annual RACE licence. RACE will also host a regional series for the CBR125 at five out of seven events. A Senior CBR Cup is being planned to allow certain Amateur & Pro riders as racing instructors to participate on CBR125s as part of a mentoring program to assist and develop the young new riders.

3. The SV Cup class, traditionally an Amateur-only group, will allow Pro riders to participate with the intent to encourage enough riders to score the Pro entries separately.

4. The RACE Thunder Class has been expanded to include both Air-Cooled Twins and Liquid-Cooled Twins, with separate championships for each class. The 2009 Thunder class will be open to all tire manufacturers and will allow the use of slick tires. At this time SV650s will not be permitted to compete, however the Suzuki SV1000 is allowed.

5. Vintage classes have been reorganized into one race, with two categories, Heavyweight & Lightweight.

Questions can be sent to Chris Chapelle at the RACE Office, e-mail race@shannonville.com.

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