Have a seat … manufacturer


Seat maker for sale

If you like Corbin seats, and you have a few mill to spare, now’s your chance, motorcycle-accessory-company buyer.

Corbin Pacific — the guys who bring you the lady and gunfighter motorcycle seat and other accessories, such as custom fairings and saddlebags — is for sale. Asking price is $11.5 million U.S., and yes, that will include a free backrest for your lady.

You would also get an 82,000-square-foot building in Hollister, California, 11,000 square feet of sales showroom in Ormond, Florida, and some cutting-edge technology.

Gross revenue is listed at $14,655,946, and cash flow at $1,930,000. Nearly three-quarters of a million dollars worth of inventory will be included in the deal … so if you have a lot of motorcycles, give it some thought.

Why are they selling? People get old; somebody wants to retire. But not the 90 full-time employees, we imagine. They probably want somebody nice to buy the company. If that’s you, call Jeff Beland, executive vice president, in Los Angeles at (424) 702-1987.

And for some details on the company, Google "corbin" and see what pops up. Hint: it’s not this.

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